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About Us

It's time to change the way we read, buy, share, and write literature.

Black butterflies have many meanings across cultures throughout the world. They symbolize death and rebirth, change and growth, a discarding of the old to make way for the new. I cannot think of a better symbol for what I am trying to accomplish with Black Butterfly, not only terms of my own work, but in the way that authors take control of their own creative destiny.

Black Butterfly Publishing is my own personal publishing service I created with the sole express purpose of self-publishing my writing. But my dream is to grow beyond that and to find a new way to return agency and opportunity to the people who actually create our beautiful works of art, empowering and enabling them to share their vision and joy with a world that is forgetting the beauty and the power of the printed word.

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Our Story

Black butterflies mean many different things to different people depending on their background and culture, just like literature. Channeling the right unique literature from independent and underrepresented authors is a crucial missing component in today's environment of media saturation and marketing algorithms.

It's not about what we think we can sell you, it's about what moves you, what makes you laugh, cry, feel and think. It's not about selling you what you'll buy.


It's about delivering what you love. 

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