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December 5, 2023

Published Works

Esme and the Princess

I am in the process of reviewing the final proofs of Esme and the Princess before it is published. The final draft will arrive soon and then we can go to distribution. Very excited to have this book in front of you soon!

December 5, 2023

Short Stories

The Ghost in the Machine

A reclusive author is forced to confront that which was always so deceptively - as so many things are - hidden in plain view...

Coming this Sunday, December 10th!

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Short Stories


He was the one they called Blackbird. By blood trails and by this name was he known.


A cold wind blew hard across the verdant hills that tumbled down into the valley below, the wind whispering as it thread itself through the tall grass, endless tendrils of green waving under a blood red sky...

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